Quote1 . The world was certainly a better place whithout them. People lived in cities once; drove cars, made love, had kids, put down roots. Not like now, too scared to stay in one place for more than a month. Quote2

A Savage Earth is the first mission of Future Tactics.

Pepper's DiaryEdit

Dad Always said it was important  to write everything down. One day we won't be here, and future generations will want a document of the things that have happened.

Dad said that if more people from the olden days had done this, we'd have a better understanding of what went on before the Creatures came, and the Earth was changed.I don't know ,though. I like looking for old tech relics, and piecing  together what they might  have been used for. It's like a puzzle...

Dad said that was the difference between me and Low. I thought things through- sometimes too much- he reckoned, while Low would just act before thinking. And it was always getting him into trouble...


In a world completely overrun by extraterrestrial creatures, where you don't know where it's safe, where people cannot stay in their homes for a long time, for fear of being attacked by these monsters. The cities were abandoned, and the rural region was again having a concentration of inhabitants. 

Although the world is that way, Low , and your dad, Father , there's still time to go fishing, near a river, next to an Abandoned Mine. They are Hubrik , a kind of Creature a bit weaker, more than there are in greater number and auto explode when you get close to a human being. Although Father doesn't want to get involved with the creatures, Low decides for trying to stand up to them and shut them down.

They need to overcome a train track in order to get to the other side of the River, and go back home safely.Before they can finish kill all creatures, that each time they kill, returned in a weird way to life, they had the surprise arrival of a Sentrik . Sentrik is a kind of creature, stronger which fires a laser in your chest.

Together, they manage to defeat the monster and escape to the other side of the tracks.


  • This is the only Episode that we can play with Father .