Quote1 Where are we going Low?Low,Where are we going...? Quote2
--Pepper for Low

This is the second episode of Future Tactics, where the first appearance of Pepper.

Pepper's DiaryEdit

Low only ever mentioned what had happened once, one night when he got drunk at an inn, and was crying.

I think he felt that it was all his fault , that he'd led the Creatures to the Camp. That if he hadn't attacked them, they wouldn't have come looking for trouble.


The episode begins with Father  complaining with Low because he was immature and have acted on impulse in Abandoned Mine. Shortly after, Pepper appears,saying that she had found something. Pepper is the younger sister of Low, and daughter of Father.

Pepper also said that she going to a ruined house close to there, while Father sends Low to take care and watch your sister. While Low demand your sister, who had been away, he hears a gunshot from across the field. Pepper also back to the field, and meets up with Low, who realize that the site had been hacked by several creatures.

The creatures were spreading in the field through a catapult on top of a nearby mountain. >Without knowing where your father this, Low and Pepper have to take care of it themselves, you have to destroy the Catapult and throw out the Hubriks of the field. Although they manage to destroy the Catapult and expel all creatures, they cannot prevent the death of Father, which probably was killed by one of the creatures, and your body found by Low. 

Pepper said, when the creatures arrived, someone in the mountains came the Pepper and shut your mouth for him to be quiet, and then released him to go. Low said Pepper follow him and they tell you things in the way.


  • In this episode, in a dialogue between Low and Father, discovered the name of the mother of Low and Pepper, Martha
  • This is the first episode in which we can play with Pepper. 
  • After this episode, with the death of Father, the character becomes unavailable to play in Story Mode.